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of running on that same philosophy there. >> i know sherrod brown a little bit. he is a sparring partner and calls me on the phone and takes us to task sometimes. he's a populous guy, runs on china and the trade which plays into the manufacturing base. you are from ohio. you know that kind of politician sells in that state. >> it does up to a point, paul. about you you know what, it hasn't been selling that well recently. senator bob portman was elected in 2010 with 57% of the vote. john kasik, a very conservative republican, was elected governor. but there's a base in ohio to support a candidacy like josh mandel. he's a young looking guy in his mid-30s is whether he has the depth and experience to step up to the senate level against someone like sherrod brown. that's what voters are trying to figure out about him right now. >> let's give viewers a shot at the both of them and how a couple of the ads that are running in this race. >> here we go, fans. sherrod brown steps on the field. i have to say unhis leadership ohio hasn't fared well. 287,000 jobs dropped. brown falls book for suppor
will find this troubling, and i'll have more to say about this with sherrod brown later in this broadcast. romney's worst moment of the night came when he tried to attack the president over the military budget. >> we don't know what the world is going to throw at us down the road. we make decisions today in the military that will confront challenges we can't imagine. we have to make decisions based on uncertainty. and that means a strong military. >> the president's response exposed mitt romney as a lot of hot air. >> governor romney maybe hasn't spent enough time looking at how our military works. you mentioned the navy and we have fewer ships than in 1916. governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military has changed. we have aircraft carriers. with we have ships that go under water, nuclear submarines, the question is not a game of battleship. it's what are our capabilities. >> what's the bottom line? the president was telling the country this guy doesn't have a clue when it comes to national security and foreign policy. many people say mitt romney pas
moderated the third and final debate between ohio senator sherrod brown and josh mandel. outside the studio you can see dozens of supporters chanted slogans and nearly as contentious inside, slightly more polite. >> you can't close tax loopholes when these companies that outsource jobs. if you sign the grover norquist pledge -- not that your chances going to the senate are that high. >> for a guy running since president nixon was running, don't you have a couple of good things to say about your own record? >> it's a fight for the presidential fight but romney has blurred distinctions between his original position on the auto bailout and mandel is running a different race in his very -- offers a lot of clarity on his position on the auto bailout. >> is there a bailout you would have supported? >> i'm not a bailout senator. there's no government bailout i could think of that i would ever support. if you're watching at home and looking for a bailout senator, that's sherrod brown. >> would you have not followed what george join rich and i wanted to do with president obama, just let the industry
'll have the response and talk with ohio senator sherrod brown. >>> and a big day for swing state voters. early voting begins in ohio and a pennsylvania court blocks a voter i.d. law. all the details. share your thoughts on facebook and on twitter using the #edshow. s dream... ♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud? ♪ or turn 30-million artifacts... ♪ into a high-tech masterpiece? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water. what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. >>> thanks for watching "the ed show." mitt romney is running behind in the polls. he needs to bring his a game tomorrow night. does he has have a game? romney has an uphill climb on his hands. no doubt about
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, but they are not going down without a fight. we'll meet one of them next. >>> sherrod brown destroyed his opponent at their first debate. we'll bring you the tape. >>> and mitt romney is throwing the long ball on libya. >> he should be exploiting it. >> coming up, how the president needs to handle the benghazi question at the debate. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to campbellskitchen.com for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. that was me... the day i learned i had to start insulin for my type 2 diabetes. me... thinking my only option was the vial and syringe dad used. and me... discovering once-daily levemir® flexpen. flexpen® is prefilled. doesn't need refrigeration for up to 42 days. no drawing from a vial. dial the exact dose. inject by pushing a button. flexpen® is insulin delivery... my way. levemir® (insulin detemir [rdna origin] injection) is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and ch
their jobs, but they are not going down without a fight. we'll meet one of them next. >>> sherrod brown destroyed his opponent at their first debate. we'll bring you the tape. >>> and mitt romney is throwing the long ball on libya. >> he should be exploiting it. >> coming up, how the president needs to handle the benghazi question at the debate. think twice. with occasional irregularity, things your body doesn't use could be lingering in your system. but activia has been shown in clinical studies to help with slow intestinal transit when consumed 3 times per day. 7 out of 10 doctors recommend activia. and the great taste is recommended by me! ♪ activia and try new activia light. 60 calories and the only leading light yogurt with no added sugar. to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ ma
a fight. we'll meet one of them next. >>> sherrod brown destroyed his opponent at their first debate. we'll bring you the tape. >>> and mitt romney is throwing the long ball on libya. >> he should be exploiting it. >> coming up, how the president needs to handle the benghazi question at the debate.  >>> introduce their transition team and the next bullet out of their meeting was by the way by the end of 2012 all the jobs in this plant will be moved to china. >> welcome back to "the ed show." we first brought you the story of technologies back in july on "the ed show." sensata is a car manufacturing company in freeport, illinois. it's majority owned by bain capital. the company is set to close its illinois factory by the end of 2012 and outsource the jobs to china. it puts workers in a desperate situation. >> they informed us they would be bringing some of the people from china for us to train. like a slap in the face. just think how you would feel. you're taking my job but then i'll have to train you. >> the company set a record for profits last year. we make the very best product in t
chat, connie pace said i would like to have coverage of sherrod brown. i live in cuyahoga county and he is my senator. large sums of money are being spent to defeat him. indeed, they are. the polling in that race has it a little tighter than it was for a while. a lot of polls have tightened. sherrod brown 47.8%. josh plan dell, mandel. watch this ad in ohio. >> named watchdog for strong fiscal performance. josh mandel, imagine these results in washington. sherrod brown, more debt, less jobs. time for a change. >> the guy looks older. i think i looked older at my bar mitzvah than that guy looked. when you look at josh mandel you see a young up start republican. but sherrod brown, they had a big fight and they're making an issue of their age. they had a fight in their debate in ohio last night. >> falsely attacking me, and i won't stand for it. you might want to try to push people around in washington, but you're not going to push me around. >> being called a liar by the pants on crown fire is a pretty remarkable thing for a young man to say or a man of any age to say in a political debat
democratic senator sherrod brown and his republican challenger, josh mandel. this is their third and final debate and it is moderated by choctaw of nbc news. -- chuck todd of nbc news. >> this might be the most important battleground. i am chuck top of nbc news and welcome to the third and final debate between the two men vying to be one of ohio's two voices years.io for the next six us senator sherrod brown claims that he has the track record of working for the state's interest. josh mandel would like to put the country on a better course. we have a live audience here and i promised them that i would give them one chance to applaud both of these gentlemen. so, there is your queue. [applause] in exchange, they have said they will keep the applause down. give theire to message to you. we have a panel of questioners from around ohio tonight. each candidate will have 90 seconds to respond to a question from our panelists followed by one-and responses from the appointed and then a 30-second rebuttal. mandel won a coin -- early this week and he decided to give his remarks last. >> thank you, nb
ohio? we'll talk about it with ohio's democratic senator sherrod brown. plus, one of romney's top surrogates makes some outrageous and offensive comments about the president. >> he has been what i zi and disengaged. when you're not that bright, you can't get better prepared. >> lazy? not that bright? time for romney's campaign to show some respect and kick this by by to the curb. questions? anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how about...by the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >>> today's conversation on facebook has been going nonstop since last night's debate. everyone's riled up about romney's attack on big bird and the gang at sesame street. ramon says don't mess with big bird. denetra says i fwru up on sesam
city? >> more with heidi ewing sunday at 8:00. >> now, the final debate between sherrod brown and josh mandel. mr. mandel is the ohio state treasurer. it is courtesy of wlwt in cincinnati. >> good evening and thank you for joining us. there may be no bigger battle ground states that ohio. there is no bigger battleground than hamilton county where we are here in cincinnati. welcome to the third and final debate between the two men vying to be one of two voices in the senate. this is the only debate televised live. thanks to all of the nbc stations here and ohio. mandel says it it is time for a change and a new voice in washington to put the nation on a better course. we have a live audience here. i promised them i would give them a chance to applaud both of these nice gentlemen running for senate. there is your queue. [applause] in exchange, they have agreed to keep the applause down so we can get a lot of questions. both have a chance to make their best case to you without having to add the words "i approve this message." we have a panel of questioners. each candidate will have 90 seco
from campaign 2012 here on c-span2 with a debate from ohio. democratic senator sherrod brown debated his challenger, sherrod brown. it was his third and final debate moderated by nbc news. >> moderator: thank you. the error may be no bigger debate in this battleground state in hamilton county where we are tonight in the studio here in cincinnati. welcome to the third and final debate between the two men vying to be one of ohio's voices in ohio. thank you to all of the nbc stations here in ohio. senator sherrod brown maintains he has the experience of fighting for ohio's best interest. and josh mandel says it's time to put the state on a new course. i promise the live audience that i would give them one chance to give the candidates some applause. there is your cue. [applause] >> moderator: been an exchange, they agree to keep the applause down until we get through our questions. both men have the opportunity to get through these questions tonight. we have a panel of questioners. we have a reporter from channel five, our nbc affiliate in cleveland has a reporter, and colombia has a ca
president of the city club of cleveland, and i'm pleased to welcome you to the debate between sherrod brown and josh mandel. today's debate is being broadcast live on wviz pbs, 90.3, and made available statewide by wkyc. she's the bureau chief of the state wide news bureau and is the moderator for today's debate. karen, it is all yours. >> thank you, hugh. i'm delighted to moderate this debate between sherrod brown and josh mandel. this has been the most exciting raise and a large portion of the money spent has come from outside ohio due in no part to the potential for a political shift in the senate. i will let them outlined their qualification than support. this debate will be about one hour long split into four segments. there is five minutes for both an opening statement and were bottle. it is their choice as to how they want to use that time. we will hear from each candidate twice, and opening statement by each, a were bottled by each, with a total of five minutes. then we will have questions from three distinguished ohio journalists. then we will have questions from the audience and t
. it's deeply offensive. suutle. in the very tiiht ns..- sherrod brown has engaged in gutter poliiics. he's been running an attack ad since auuust tying ccallenger josh mannel tt payday money lendees. payddy money lenders. that's a really obscure topic, isn't it? here's the deal. joss mandel steeeotype associated with jews. it's nastt. it's disgusting. it's meant to is truly anni-semitic. but ..- this we know. he's runniig a bigoted campaign.for more on this story visit behind the headlines dot et. and follow us twitter and facebook. i'm mark hyman. obesity.how the stress levels offparents could make a difference.tonight on fox45 33 & 3
at 12:30 eastern going live to ohio for u.s. senate debate between incumbent senator sherrod brown facing josh mandel, the current state treasurer, and a former marine. it will be courtesy of wviz in cleveland. later, to indiana, a senate debate between the state treasurer richard murdock and joe donnelly. this is a race that is rated a toss up. this debate is careers -- courtesy of wfyy from indianapolis. that will be live starting at 7:00 eastern. tomorrow is the second of three presidential debates. here is a live picture from hofstra university on long island where the debate will take place. this is inside the sports complex where president obama and mitt romney will be meeting tomorrow for their next debate. this is what they call spin alley. members of the media speak with a party spokesman after the debate to get their take and their spin on how other candidates did. and the gillespie and david -- ed gillespie and david axelrod gave teh spin after the last debate and we may see them again. >> we invite you to watch and engage with c-span as they meet for their second debate
sherrod brown who is going to win reelection in ohio with our help joe donnelly who is going to be the next senator with our help. and get this -- i have an excuse to have a playboy magazine today because we're going to talk to the author of a magazine, which of course, i only get for the articles. >> of course. god bless america. >> bill: that's right. but first -- >> announcer: this is the "full court press." >> making news on this friday. home team dominance in the world series. madison bum gartner was on fire last night. struck out eight to help propel the giants to a 2-0 shutout victory over the tigers in game 2. the series now moves to detroit for game 3 tomorrow night. >> bill: pressure in detroit. >> that was a tough game to watch last night. >> bill: it was, and it was so slow. and the tension in the park because they were used to getting out early racking up a big lead and then holding on to it, and this, nothing was happening, nothing was happening, nothing was happening -- >> it was the bottom of the 7th before anybody scored. >> bill: yes. >
are getting stronger by the day, especially when you zero in on ohio where sherrod brown seems to be successfully fighting back against the dirty, angry money. a new "columbus dispatch" poll has brown up over his opponent, josh mandel, by ten points. that's a big change from their tied race in late august. senator sherrod brown from ohio is with me from cleveland. thank you so much because i love seeing you here on this show because you represent to me the bread and butter, the meat and potatoes democratic party i grew up knowing all about and worked for. regular people who need regular government. it struck me and it must have struck you that this 47% thing that romney said and didn't think anybody was recording, where he said those people don't take care of their own lives. they don't meet their own responsibilities. well, the problem with that is he's attacking people on social security. it seems to me somebody who has been paying payroll tax from the time they were a paper boy or a stock boy from the time they were 14 has taken care and responsibility for their lives. they
that bout between sherrod brown and his republican opponent josh mandel. >> being called a liar, a liar by the winner of the pants on crown fire is just a pretty remarkable thing for a young man to say or for a man of any age to say in a political debate. >> that was one of the many roundhouse punches thrown last night in senate debates around the country. we're going to bring you the important action. it's going to get hot here. >>> and monday, the last of the presidential debates coming up now. this one on foreign policy. a home game for the president, but the president needs to put out the bottom line on what happened in benghazi and get it over with. let me finish with this from the past trying to take charge of the country's future. what a bunch of troglodytes out there. this is "hardball," the place for politics. tarian... look at these teeth! they're made for meat! [ cat 2 ] do i look like i'm stalking plants? [ male announcer ] most dry foods add plant protein, like gluten but iams never adds gluten. iams adds 50% more animal protein, [ cat 3 ] look at this body! under this shin
game, mr. cohen, how intense is it in ohio? >> it's intense. between the sherrod brown campaign and the obama campaign, 5,000 volunteers, not just knocking on doors and phone banks, but at work, folks on break rooms, talking up this selection. three years ago, ohio had 10% unemployment. now it's 7%. between the auto, the auto bailout work that the president supported and sherrod brown supported sk eed and the attack jobs moving to china, there is rising employment in ohio. s this related to the car industry. but everybody, whether they're in telecom or manufacturing, understand that difference between going backwards into fairy tale capitalism, as you just described it, and jim did, from the 19th century, with everything deregulated, and workers just become another unite of production, or going forward in this 21st century, where we need partnerships between working americans and government and management, to figure out how we keep and build jobs in america and build plants in america, and invest in america, so that we can bring back a higher standard of living. and that's what'
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 147 (some duplicates have been removed)

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